Battleship or Nodes? Let us eavesdrop on our nerdy duo — Noob and Savant and their insights on #Kubernetes in this chapter.

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The world of Open-Source technology creates an ever-expanding ravine, dependent only on acceptance by the tech community. Today, one of the most chased after technologies in this world is Kubernetes. Created by Google, Kubernetes allows seamless operation of a flexible web server framework for cloud-based applications.

While many open-source projects are solving specific vertical problems deployed through Kubernetes, Devtron aims to provide end-to-end solutions for a Kubernetes-based software delivery workflow.

What problems does Devtron aim to solve in the Kubernetes ecosystem?

As it is a problem that precedes the solution, here’s a brief history of the need that led to…

This startup aims to provide advanced tools for developers using Kubernetes, in a market that is niche and mostly served by non-Indian brands.

Interview of Rajesh Razdan — Co-founder, Devtron Labs by Srinath Srinivasan, Financial Express

One of the widely sought-after technologies for the cloud age is Kubernetes. Initially created and used by Google, it was made open source eventually. It is widely used in the SaaS model to develop software for hundreds of thousands of people to use seamlessly at the same time, served from the cloud.

While there are certain tools used by developers to manage the development process, a lot of them do not directly support Kubernetes, irrespective of whichever cloud platform the codes may be hosted on. Gurgaon-based Devtron…

Interview of Rajesh Razdan — Co-founder, Devtron Labs

By Authority Magazine

Start from the top — It’s the leadership that needs to understand the impact and the timelines and create a structure that fosters innovation. Our founding team, despite having multiple years of experiences under their belt, always prioritizes the users (our customers) first without worrying too much about being right the first time since its an evolving journey and you learn along the way.

As part of our series about “How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level”, I had the pleasure of interviewing…

By Abhinav Dubey —DevOps Evangelist, Devtron Labs

In this blog, we will set up Devtron over k3s — Lightweight Kubernetes. If you haven’t heard about Devtron yet, let’s take a moment to walk you through it. Devtron is an open-source AppOps solution that caters and supports end-to-end software delivery workflow for Kubernetes, written in Go. It can be used for the deployment of your applications over Kubernetes through simple configurations over user-intuitive UI.

#Why k3s?

Devtron is cloud-agnostic and can easily be installed over the k3s cluster. Let’s understand about k3s — Lightweight Kubernetes, shall we? It is essentially a lightweight version…

By- Prashant Ghildiyal, Co-Founder — Devtron Labs

The world is changing, and the pandemic accelerated organisational transformation. The challenge is no longer capturing the largest share of voice, but disruptive sustainable growth — delicately balanced on the three fundamental principles of cost, security, and stability! Devtron Labs not only balances the three principles effectively but provide the solution in an Opensource environment

On July 24th, One of our contributors, Prakarsh from Devtron Labs curated a session at the AWS UG OSTech Conference 2021 organized by AWS User Group, Jaipur. With over ten years of professional experience, Prakarsh now holds the…

The world is changing, and the pandemic accelerated organizational transformation. The challenge is no longer capturing the largest share of voice but disruptive sustainable growth — delicately balanced on the three fundamental principles of cost, security, and stability!

The Open Source Community seeks to strengthen these pillars for mutual progress. In a similar attempt, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) User Group, Jaipur, on July 24–25, organized the global OS Tech Conference 2021. …

IT leaders are now under more pressure to deliver steady outcomes, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work. As the future of work continuously evolves, there is an accelerated emergence of open-source software to make technological advancements accessible to all.

As businesses embrace digital transformations, open-source codes offer accessible conduits to scaling software, saving companies time by having software readily available.

Are you wondering how you can learn how to make your software delivery workflow cost-free? If there’s an open-source tool that is the perfect combination of Cost, Security, and Stability?

Let us introduce you to…

In Ch 3 of Dtron Diaries, we keep things simple with Noob, Savant, and Dtron! In this episode, they discuss #Kubernetes architecture.

Dtron Diaries Ch.3 💥 Live Now.

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In conversation with Saiyam Pathak, Devtron’s co-founder Prashant Ghildiyal talked about the unique Open Source Heroku for Kubernetes — Devtron!

Watch the video to explore the what, the why, and the how of Devtron.

You can also see for yourself how to get involved at 34:25.

Devtron Labs

Devtron is redefining the paradigm of how #DevOps should be done. It automates #ReleaseOrchestration & Life Cycle Management of Applications on #Kubernetes.

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