IT leaders are now under more pressure to deliver steady outcomes, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work. As the future of work continuously evolves, there is an accelerated emergence of open-source software to make technological advancements accessible to all.

As businesses embrace digital transformations, open-source codes offer accessible conduits to scaling software, saving companies time by having software readily available.

Are you wondering how you can learn how to make your software delivery workflow cost-free? If there’s an open-source tool that is the perfect combination of Cost, Security, and Stability?

Let us introduce you to…

In Ch 3 of Dtron Diaries, we keep things simple with Noob, Savant, and Dtron! In this episode, they discuss #Kubernetes architecture.

Dtron Diaries Ch.3 💥 Live Now.

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In conversation with Saiyam Pathak, Devtron’s co-founder Prashant Ghildiyal talked about the unique Open Source Heroku for Kubernetes — Devtron!

Watch the video to explore the what, the why, and the how of Devtron.

You can also see for yourself how to get involved at 34:25.

By- Prashant Ghildiyal, Co-Founder — Devtron Labs

AppOps? What’s that? How does it work? And why do I need yet another paradigm?

These are all valid questions, and to address them, we’ll have to make a quick trip back in time to set the context.

The Beginning

It all started with applications. In the beginning, computers were massive machines housed in labs, worked on by elite scientists and engineers, and the early applications were highly specialized software for space missions, defense, etc. As computers became smaller and more accessible, business-related applications drove the software industry. …

by Abhinav Dubey, DevOps Evangelist Intern, Devtron

Yes! You read it right. Devtron can also be installed over the Minikube cluster now! We have been receiving multiple requests from the community to access Devtron on Minikube. In this blog, we will discuss Minikube, its usage and walk you through the complete installation process of Devtron over the Minikube cluster.

Minikube is a tool that helps you run Kubernetes on your local server over a single node cluster. It is platform-agnostic and can be easily installed in your local systems (Windows, macOS, Linux).


Devtron’s saga of the ever-evolving bot continues as Noob and Savant discuss containers in a fishy way!

Dtron Diaries: Chapter 2 ⚡ Live Now

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Kudos to Dtron 💥 Meet, the ever-evolving bot who completes the dynamic trio along with Noob and Savant.

Introducing, Dtron Diaries: Ch. 1

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By- Prashant Ghildiyal, Co-Founder — Devtron Labs

By nature, pods in Kubernetes clusters are ephemeral; they can be created, killed, moved around by the scheduler, and pods can be evicted. This may occasionally disrupt the Microservices if pods are not configured properly.

In this article, we will look at two scenarios that will impact the stability of pod because of pod eviction

  • Pod preemption
  • Out of resource eviction

And how we can secure our pods by ensuring

  • Quality of Service
  • Pod Priority

Quality of Service

There is no direct method to specify the Quality of Service (QoS) of pods. …

By Anushka Arora, The force behind the content that one sees on Devtron loves sharing her knowledge with people

As we are getting used to the new normal forced upon us by COVID-19, we decided to analyze its impact on companies and how that has changed priorities for the DevOps team. Firstly, companies have to live with uncertainty which means cash conservation is important, and so is a quick pivot. Secondly, companies are going remote, which needs collaboration, delegation, and security first approach. …

By Anushka Arora, The force behind the content that one sees on Devtron loves sharing her knowledge with people.

Since its version 1.0 release in 2015, Kubernetes has captured the imagination of DevOps. As per the CNCF cloud native survey in 2019, 78% of the respondents used Kubernetes in production. Gartner predicts that by 2023, more than 70 percent of global organizations will be running more than two containerized applications in production, up from less than 20 percent in 2019.

The top three use cases for Kubernetes, as per the survey, are
1. DevOps & CI/ CD Automation
2. Modernizing legacy applications

Devtron Labs

Devtron is redefining the paradigm of how #DevOps should be done. It automates #ReleaseOrchestration & Life Cycle Management of Applications on #Kubernetes.

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