Why Kubernetes?

  • Intelligent and balanced scheduling of containers
  • Creation, deletion, and movement of containers
  • Easy scaling of containers
  • Monitoring and self-healing abilities

Challenges with Previous Technologies

  • Using multiple containers with shared resources
  • Monitoring running containers
  • Handling dead containers
  • Moving containers, so utilization improves
  • Autoscaling container instances to handle the load
  • Making the container services easily accessible
  • Connecting containers to a variety of external data sources

Advantages of Kubernetes

  • A single administrator to manage thousands of containers running simultaneously
  • Workload portability and orchestration of containers across on-site deployments to public or private clouds and hybrid deployments in between



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Devtron Labs

Devtron is an open source no-code solution for Kubernetes deployments. https://github.com/devtron-labs/devtron